When you come to Johnston’s Beagle Farm to purchase a beagle, you will see it run in the field. We shoot over all dogs in the field. You pick out the dog that you want to see run and watch it as long as your heart desires. Once you purchase your dog, you are the owner. Buyer pays all Vet bills.  If within 30 days you are not satisfied (except for running deer), we will exchange it for a $100 exchange fee. This guarantee applies to all dogs under $500. For dogs $500 or more, the exchange fee is $200. This has been our policy for over 20 years. Dogs that are shipped by ground will be exchanged with buyer paying all shipping charges. The reason for this exchange fee is that the dog may have been ruined or spoiled (as any dog could be) after the time of purchase. If I didn’t have this policy, I would have an exchange line like Wal-Mart and all my dogs would be spoiled. My dogs are not perfect and neither are yours. All dogs are shipped with a current health certificate and current rabies vaccination and tag.